Psychiatric association violates its own ethics, urges members to attack the mental health of Donald Trump … ANYTHING goes

For the Left in America (and in Europe for that matter), everything and anything has to be politicized.

The latest example of that sad, if not nutty, trend is a statement from the executive committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association giving its members a green light to publicly speculate about the mental health of President Trump.

Perhaps this development gives a new meaning to “crazy talk.”

Under the so-called Goldwater rule, it was previously considered an ethical violation for psychiatrists to offer an opinion about the mental health of a public figure that they had not personally examined and evaluated, and without that person’s consent.

In 1964, U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater, an Arizona Republican, lost the presidential election to incumbent Democrat Lyndon Johnson in a landslide victory.

The Goldwater rule was adopted that same year, when psychiatrists responded to a survey about Goldwater’s psychological fitness to serve. About 50 percent of the respondents indicated that Goldwater, who was demonized by the media (sound familiar?) during the election campaign, was unfit to serve, without ever having examined him.

Fast-forward to 2017: Apparently many shrinks seem to be obsessed with Trump and apparently aren’t able to help themselves.

From STAT News:

An increasing number of psychologists and psychiatrists have denounced the restriction as a “gag rule” and flouted it, with some arguing they have a “duty to warn” the public about what they see as Trump’s narcissism, impulsivity, poor attention span, paranoia, and other traits that, they believe, impair his ability to lead.

A book by 27 psychiatrists and psychologists scheduled for an October release will argue that Trump is dangerously mentally ill. What are the odds that the authors turn out to be ultra-liberal, politically correct Obama/Hillary Clinton supporters?

The president of the American Psychiatric Association, a separate group, reaffirmed support for the Goldwater rule in March 2017. Another similar organization, the American Psychological Association, prefers that its members abide by the rule, though it has never enforced such a protocol.

As has been stated a time or two, psychiatrists and psychologists often have a few screws loose themselves. And as Natural News previously asserted, modern psychiatry has tended to devolve into a legally acceptable form of drug pushing. (Related: Read more about the mental health profession at

In May, STAT claimed that it had consulted with an array of experts who compared Trump interviews in videos over the years with contemporary footage, and “all agreed” that the president has experienced some deterioration in his communications skills in part because of using a simpler vocabulary and a “tortured syntax,” repeating himself, not speaking in complete sentences, and jumping from one topic to the next.

The very fake news echo chamber traditionally takes a dim view of remote diagnoses, however. You’ll recall that media outlets scolded any physician who raised questions or expressed opinions about Hillary Clinton’s health during the presidential campaign, insisting they were overstepping ethical boundaries. TV Doctor Drew Pinsky abruptly lost his gig on CNN sister station HLN after he spoke out on the subject.

Most Trump supporters as well as fair-minded people across the ideological spectrum will likely disregard any politicized allegations about President Trump’s mental health, especially given his amazing energy level at age 71. Apart from the musical chairs at the White House, of more concern to Trump voters is the apparent difficulty for Trump loyalists to get or hold on to jobs in the administration.

Trying to implement a voter-approved American First agenda to protect and strengthen the country in the face of bitter opposition from the Democrat-media complex, the Deep State and devious Never Trump Republicans with the globalist GOP establishment is enough to give the most healthy, vigorous individual a splitting headache.

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